hurricane maria 

Disaster Relief Efforts



To purchase goods and supplies directly, please click on the "Amazon Wishlist" button below.

hurricane maria 

Disaster Relief Efforts

The office of the Consulate General of Dominica has identified several locations where physical donations can be dropped off.  Please note the dates and times. Shipping arrangements/costs will be managed by the Consulate.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dominica.

On Monday, September 18, 2017, our beloved Nature Island was in the direct path of Category 5 Hurricane Maria and, as a result, has sustained widespread devastation. DARDA is asking members of the Diaspora to assist in the relief efforts by contributing to the following gofundme page.  All proceeds will benefit the recovery, relief and rebuilding efforts in Dominica.

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In 1979, Dominica was left devastated by Hurricane David which caused widespread destruction including damage to buildings and infrastructure and the loss of numerous lives. The Dominica-American Relief & Development Association (DARDA) was organized as a way for Dominicans living in and around the New York area to help raise funds and provide aid to their homeland as the island attempted to recover and rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane David.

It is for this reason, and the very nature of our organization's founding, that DARDA has pledged our support towards Hurricane Maria relief efforts in Dominica, similar to our efforts in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Erika in 2015.

​~ Please see below for how you can help ~

In 2015 post-Tropical Storm Erika, DARDA collaborated with the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica to ensure funds collected directly benefited those most in need.  We intend to do the same for Hurricane Maria.

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If purchasing supplies directly, please reference the list of priority needs (to the left).  

monetary donations via gofundme


To make a monetary donation securely online with a debit or credit card via gofundme, please click on the "gofundme" button below.

The government of the Commonwealth of Dominica has released a list of the most needed supplies.  Many of these items can be purchased via the Amazon wishlist and shipped directly to a drop-off location.

DARDA Amazon Wishlist-Hurricane Maria Relief