DARDA is a 501 (c)(3) registered as a not-for-profit corporation in the State of New York.

DARDA Projects

DARDA has lent support to several worthwhile causes on the island of Dominica.  Some of its major recipients have been...

  • The Grotto Home for the Homeless

  • The Alpha Centre

  • The Dominica Infirmary

  • The Northern District Home For The Aged

  • The Dominica Red Cross

  • The Social Centre (including the establishment of a library for the Pre-School Education Program)

  • St. Ann's Day Nursery

  • The Princess Margaret Hospital

  • REACH (Reaching Elderly Abandoned Citizens that are Homebound)

  • The Education Trust Fund

  • The Roseau Public Library

  • Various public schools across the island

DARDA has initiated several of its own projects.  The most rewarding are the Annual Christmas Toy Drive - which yields hundreds of toys for the underprivileged children of Dominica, and The School Supply Drive - which provides underprivileged children throughout Dominica with school supplies for an entire academic year.  In addition to these programs, DARDA also implemented the Agatha Shillingford Scholarship Fund aimed at providing funding for academic and extra-curricular expenses to students in Dominica.


DARDA is run by an executive board.

President  -  Lorna Phillips

Vice-President  -  Hermia Carrette

Treasurer  -  Shari Shillingford

Secretary  -  Sandra Norris

Public Relations Officer  -  Caryl Greaves 

Other Members: Ray Benjamin, Chev Carrette, Albert Deschamps, Marilyn Garraway, Daisy Norris, Cecilia McIntyre, Franklin McIntyre, Janelle C. McIntyre, Lisa McIntyre, Shelley McIntyre, Jo-Ann McIntyre, Wendy Phillips, Nicole Phillips-Sharpe, Grace Bruney Nwokobia, Nigel Greaves, Heidi Alleyne, Jehan Shillingford-Blanc, Michele Norris, Rosalind Chandler, Susan Giorgi-Francis, Susan Lecointe Dorsett, Taryn Hyson, and Serah Shillingford.

Local Chapter

DARDA established a local chapter in Roseau, Dominica in February 1986 in order to assist in reviewing the numerous requests for assistance both from individuals and organized groups in Dominica. The local chapter was established to keep with DARDA's policy to only assist requests channeled through organizations and groups.

Kathleen Trotter is the current President of the local sub-committee. Other local chapter members include Denise Defoe, Hughette Giraud, Jennifer White, Adelina Detouche, and Dorothy Leevy.

Requests for assistance are channeled through the local chapter in Roseau where they are reviewed and forwarded to New York with recommendations. The local chapter also assists in the appropriate distribution of funds.


DARDA is an acronym for the Dominica-American Relief and Development Association, Inc. The association was organized on June 28, 1981 by a group of concerned Dominicans living in and around the New York area.

After the destruction wrought by Hurricane David various individuals and groups were involved in raising funds to assist in the rebuilding of Dominica.  It was from this effort, and at the request of Bam and Wilfred Shillingford, that the idea of a new organization originated.  This group, originally known as "Friends of Dominica," then went about the business of attaining official status.  On September 25, 1981 it was duly established and registered as a not-for-profit corporation, officially known as the Dominica-American Relief and Development Association, Inc. (DARDA).