2005 National Day Celebration

Sunday, November 13th, 2005, DARDA held its annual gala event in celebration of Dominica's National Day of Independence.  DARDA members were joined by fellow Dominicans and friends of Dominica for an evening of live entertainment, dancing, and cultural performances. 

The highlight of the evening came as the crowd was addressed by the

Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica.  The Prime Minister

shared his views on the current state of Dominica and his future initiatives

for our beloved country.  Moved by his words, sincerity and enthusiasm,

the crowd thanked him with thunderous applause.  His presence at

DARDA's 2005 celebration was truly an honor.

In an attempt to highlight Dominica’s culture, history and heritage, several items were on display that served as reminders of life growing up in Dominica.  Items included hand-made crafts and toys, baskets of familiar Dominican goods, and household items including a kitchen scale, traditional coffee mill and cast iron pots, among other items.  On sale were Dominican goods including spices, beverages, flags, car decals, key chains, hats, music CDs and other various items.  All proceeds benefit various worthy causes in Dominica.

2009 National Day Celebration

In 2009, DARDA celebrated Dominica's 31st Anniversary of Independence with a National Day Luncheon held Sunday, November 8th at The Eastwood Manor ~ Bronx, NY.  Guests were treated to performances by Justina Henderson and her dance troupe.

2010 National Day Celebration

In 2010, DARDA celebrated Dominica's 32nd Anniversary of Independence with a National Day Gala held at The Eastwood Manor in Bronx NY.  The evening was full of great food, music, and entertainment.  Guests were treated to cultural performances by Know Your Culture Dance Co., and Henderson Cultural Group.  Dominican souvenirs were also available for purchase.  It is always a great pleasure to see so many Dominicans (many in traditional National Dress) coming together in celebration of our culture and heritage!

2007 National Day Celebration

In 2007, DARDA celebrated Dominica's National Day of Independence with a cultural gala held at the Astoria World Manor - Astoria, NY; Sunday, November 11th from 12:30pm to 5:30pm.

2006 National Day Celebration

In 2006, DARDA celebrated Dominica's National Day of Independence with a gala cultural affair held at The Astoria World Manor, Sunday, November 11th.  DARDA was joined by members, fellow Dominicans and friends of Dominica in a celebration of history, culture and pride.  Many showed their Dominican pride by dressing in Dominica's national dress for the celebration.  The evening included live music, cultural performances, dancing, good food, and great company.  All proceeds went to help the Grotto Home for the Homeless.

Dominica Reunion 2008: Celebrating the Journey Together

2013 National Day Celebration

In 2013, DARDA celebrated Dominica's 35th Anniversary of Independence with a National Day Gala held at The Eastwood Manor in Bronx NY.  Guests were treated to live entertainment by "Know Your Culture Dance Co." and great music by "A Fu Awe Sounds International Entertainment".

Many Dominicans and friends of Dominica came to enjoy entertainment, music, food and dance.  Many thanks to Justina Henderson Dance Troupe and Rosalind McClean and dancers for putting on a wonderful show!  Also, many thanks to Lambert and The Matadors Orchestra for the wonderful music!

2008 Independence Creole Gala

The Dominica Consulate in New York in collaboration with DARDA celebrated National Day 2008 with an Independence Creole Gala held Saturday, November 22nd, 2008 at Eastwood Manor ~ 3371 Eastchester Road, Bronx, NY 10469.

Those in attendance included the Prime Minister of Dominica - the Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit; the President of the Commonwealth of Dominica - His Excellency Nicholas J. O. Liverpool and Mrs.Liverpool; Minsters of Government; and Chief Cultural Officer Raymond Lawrence (Master of Ceremonies for the event).

In 2008, DARDA celebrated National Day with a Reunion Excursion to Dominica.

In celebration of Dominica’s 30th Anniversary of Independence DARDA, with the support of the Dominica Consulate and the New York office of the Dominica Tourist Board, planned an excursion to Dominica for National Day 2008.

2012 National Day Celebration

In 2012, DARDA celebrated Dominica's 34th Anniversary of Independence with a National Day Gala held at The Eastwood Manor in Bronx NY.

2015 National Day Gala

On Sunday, November 8, 2015 DARDA celebrated Dominica's 37th Anniversary of Independence with a National Day Gala held at The Eastwood Manor in Bronx NY under the theme "Rebuilding Dominica Together after Erika."

Please click the links below to read articles posted on the event and our contribution to Tropical Storm Erika recovery and relief efforts.

2014 National Day Gala

Sunday, November 9, 2014

2011 National Day Celebration

In 2011, DARDA celebrated Dominica's 33rd Anniversary of Independence with a National Day Gala held at The Eastwood Manor in Bronx NY.  Click the Dominica News Online link below to read an article on DARDA's 2011 National Day Celebration.